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Cross Country Skiing in Längenfeld/Gries

Various beautiful cross-country skiing tracks in Längenfeld/Gries...

Long Distance Hiking Stage

Ötztal Trek Stage 05

Long Distance Hiking · Oetztal
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  • Amberger Hütte
    / Amberger Hütte
    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus
  • / Amberger Hütte
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2400 2700 3000 3300 3600 m km 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Amberger Hütte Sulztalferner Wütenkarsee Wütenkarferner

Amberger Hütte (2.136 m) –> Wütenkarsattel (3.103 m) –> Hochstubaihütte (3.174 m)

8.1 km
3:30 h
1106 m
72 m

AMBERGER HUT (2.136 m) –> WÜTENKARSATTEL (3.103 m) –> HOCHSTUBAIHUT (3.174 m)

Course: Climbing, Path Requirements: Step safety, dizziness, condition, high alpine experience; Mountain path black, intersection alpine route Difficulties: Passage at the river valley and the Wütenkarferner (in each case columns); Mountain guide recommended equipment: normal hiking equipment, (depending on the circumstances) pimples, crampons; In any case rope; Climbing on the glacier Duration: approx. 4.5 h Difference in altitude: approx. 1100 hm ascent, approx. 100 hm descent Highest point: 3,174 m Distance: about 8 km Overnight stay, stop: Amberger Hütte, Hochstubaihütte Crossing, exit: from Gries im Sulztal (Gemeinde Längenfeld) to Amberger Hütte (about 2 h ascent, approx. 1,5 h descent); From Sölden over the Kleblealm and the Laubkarsee to the Hochstubai hut (approx. 5 h ascent, approx. 4 h descent); From Sölden over the Fiegl's hut in the Windach Valley and the Seekarsee to the Hochstubai hut (approx. 5.5 h ascent, approx. 4.5 h descent); Alternatively a bus to Kleblealm. And to the Fiegl's hut (about 3.5 h ascent to the Hochstubai hut, approx. 2,5 h descent)

Highest point
Hochstubaihütte, 3169 m
Lowest point
2121 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Amberger Hütte

Safety information

Trittsicherheit, Schwindelfreiheit, Kondition, hochalpine Erfahrung; abschnittsweise alpine Route

Passage am Sulztalferner und am Wütenkarferner (jeweils Spalten); Bergführer empfohlen


It is recommended to wear hiking equipment such as breathable and weather-adapted outdoor clothing, ankle-high mountain boots, wind, rain and sun protection, cap and possibly gloves. It is also important to have enough food, as well as a first-aid package, a cell phone and a hiking map.

Tips, hints and links

More details about hiking In Ötztal: 


Amberger Hut (2135 m)
47.042225, 11.074176
32T 657563 5211944



Turn-by-turn directions

AMBERGER HÜTTE (2.136 m) -> WATER CARARDS (3.103 m) -> HIGH-STUDENT HALL (3.174 m)  

Gletschertour to Hochstubaihütte   We walk first in the flat valley floor of the Sulze to the south and further to the right the slope, where the ascent soon divides and we take the right variant. Over the western edge moraine it goes south, until the view to the Sulztalferner opens. At the edge of the valley, it is raked, then we climb up on the right glacier edge leisurely and pass the foot of the Wild Leak. Finally, we go up a little faster to the mad karsattel (attention columns!). On the other side we descend down to the Wütenkarferner in brittle terrain and pass a small lake. The glacier is crossed in an arc and left at the western edge - here the path leads to the access route from Sölden to the Hochstubai hut. The observation deck of the special class is quickly reached and a climb leads on a wide ridge simply the last 100 heights to the shelter.

Public transport

Enjoy a both comfortable and relaxing train ride to the train station in Ötztal Bahnhof. You get off the train in ÖTZTAL Bahnhof where you change to a public bus or local taxi. The current bus schedule can be found at:


Getting there

Längenfeld is located in the western part of Austria in the state TYROL, in a southern side valley of the Inn valley - the ÖTZTAL. For your arrival by car, you can plan the best route from your home town with the route planner online at



The following parking facilities are available in Gries:

Gries at the end of the village - free of charge

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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8.1 km
3:30 h
1106 m
72 m
In and out Scenic With refreshment stops


: h
Highest point
Lowest point
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