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The Riddle of the Köfels Rockslide

The new interactive audio play adventure in Ötztal

Cryptic rock carvings, a mysterious witch's hut, a time portal - these are the ingredients of the brand new adventure trail in Ötztal near the hamlet of Winklen. The unique interactive audio play adventure "The Riddle of the Köfels Rockslide" takes visitors on a geological search for traces. With the help of installations, an analog map and the app, they can solve tricky puzzles and tasks by learning lots of interesting details about the region's special geological features.

Mixed reality

Visitors can only solve the riddle of the huge Köfels Rockslide with the help of installations on-site, an analog map and the Locandy app. While indulging in a fabulous adventure, the special geological features of the region are shown and explained in a fairly exciting way. The real world always remains in the center of the overall experience.

Download - Riddle Map (PDF)



  • Example of use: adventure games on hiking and adventure trails
  • Implementation: autumn 2019 - summer 2020
  • Script: Gerd Pircher, Julienne Schult
  • Soundtrack: Gigaphon Entertainment
  • Illustrations: PIRG comics
  • Installations: boscoduro
  • Time required: approx. 2 hours
  • Number of stations: 10
  • Speaking parts - Narrator: Dagmar Bittner; Toni: Martin Sabel; Voice: Bettina Zech, Hunter: Dirk Hardegen, Shaman: Saskia Haisch
  • Languages: English, German

Step 1

Get the Locandy App from your app store:

Step 2

Use the app's QR search to start the adventure:

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Step 3

Get your map at the Info-office or download here (PDF).