Geocaching Treasure hunt

Now kids of all ages should get ready for some memorable treasure hunting tours spread all over the Ötztal. You don't need a GPS device for this kind of treasure hunting tour but a Treasure Hunting Map available in the local Information Offices. And off you go!

On varied Treasure Hunting Routes there are numerous small treasures boxes hidden in the most secluded places. If you find all treasures hidden along the route you return to the local Information Office where you get your personal small treasure as a reward.

Längenfeld Treasure Hunt

In Längenfeld the Treasure Hunt takes you to a fabulous Fairytale Forest near lake Winkelbergsee. Following the loop trail you will discover several little treasure boxes behind stones, under trees or bridges. The treasure hunting map is available at the Längenfeld Information Office.

The treasure hunting route leads right across the valley's most idyllic landscapes of great natural beauty. From the car park in Winklen you cross the Ötztaler Ache mountain brook towards the entrance to the village. Next to the bus stop you follow the Geology Theme Trail.

At the end of the Geology Trail you will find the picture-book Winkelbergsee mountain lake. A splendid rest stop ideal to relax. What's best, the adjacent water play park makes a great spot to while away some hours.

The route is 5,7km long, walking time  2.5 - 3 hours

  • Cache 1: N 47° 06.037 E 010° 56.911 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: The blue arrow knows more!
  • Cache 2: N 47° 06.380 E 010° 57.115 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: The stone that couldn't make the bend!
  • Cache 3: N 47° 06.259 E 010° 56.964 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: The clever fox on the witch's house can tell you the direction!
  • Cache 4: N 47° 06.254 E 010° 56.445 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: Here you shouldn't trust the signs showing to the right. Cross the stony footpath first, then continue straight ahead until you reach the old well.
  • Cache 5: N 47° 06.349 E 010° 56.327 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: Discover the cross to the left of the steep path. The stone which lives there has something to hide!
  • Cache 6: N 47° 06.200 E 010° 56.071 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: The stone in the background knows more!
  • Cache 7: N 47° 06.085 E 010° 56.085 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: The tree with the red dot watches both trails.
  • Cache 8: N 47° 06.071 E 010° 56.420 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: Hopefully you don't suffer from a birch pollen allergy. Watch out for the water! The fence can help you.

9for5 & 5for1

Real treasure hunters are invited to search for the coveted "9for5 & 5for1" caches within the whole Ötztal Valley. Caches are hidden in the region’s most scenic spots, and provide you with more detailed information on how to gather the special "Ötz-Taler" geo-coin while giving an insight into the great variety of Alpine landscapes in the Ötztal.

How can you obtain the special Ötztal geo-coin?
Nine cache boxes are hidden within the entire Ötztal. If you find five out of nine caches you receive the ultimate and well-deserved Ötztal geo-coin.

Where do you find the single "9for5&5for1" cache boxes?
Detailed coordinates for all 9 cache boxes are available here or on the Geocache Community homepage – for downloading to your GPS unit. For a quick overview of all cache locations you can download a map.

Where do you get the highly coveted Ötztal geo-coin?
Every "9for5 & 5for1" cache box contains a different clipper with a special pattern.

If you have collected at least 5 different clippers from five cache boxes you can pick up your Ötz-Taler geo-coin at the Längenfeld Information Office where you also get the stamp card for the entire route.

Coordinates: N 47° 04.939 E 010° 58.055


  • This awesome place deserves its name: indulge in the "eagle's view" and enjoy this totally different perspective high above the valley. The wooden eagle gives you a warm welcome, taking you on a panoramic tour of the mountains following the traces of the Alpine eagle. Now you take the rope and ascend to the viewing platform, a few meters above the vantage point you will again meet the king of all birds.
  • Thanks to small periscopes provided on the platform you can explore the different vegetation areas. Detailed information on the valley's and people's lively history are provided as well.
  • Trail details
    This easy trail travels along Kochlerweg Trail to the newly designed "Adlerblick" vantage point".
  • An alternative route leads from the hamlet of Dorf (school) up to "Adlerblick": walk towards Längenfeld until you reach the underpass on the left (main road) and a trail fork. Keep to the right in direction Hemerach, Kockle and Hörndle. Follow the trail to "Adlerblick" for about 40 walking minutes.
  • Please take care of nature on your walking and treasure hunting tour. Walk in single file on the edge of the meadow if the grass is high, and please don't leave the already existing/marked trails.
  • Useful hint:
    Find the one who gave the name to it ...

Coordinates: N 47° 01.543 E 010° 59.011


  • A truly unrivaled and legendary experience amid unspoilt nature. The fabulous hiking trail high above Längenfeld's valley floor leads along a scenic route to the high Alpine pasturelands – the splendid "Ötztal Trail of Legends" is an absolute must for walking fans of all ages".
  • Trail details
    The theme trail starts at the Huben sports field. It's a one-hour walking tour ideal for families amid wonderful nature landscapes. Along the trail hikers find huge rocks with detailed information panels and larger-than-life sized figures giving an insight into 14 Ötztal legends deeply rooted in history.
  • Walking time: approx. 1hour
  • Useful hint:
    Look carefully under the huge rocks behind the chapel ...
Chapel at Feuerstein
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