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The unique natural diversity of the Ötztal in all its facets

The almost 300 m² big natural history exhibition shows Ötztal's natural diversity in all its facets in a truly unique way. Additionally, all aspects of the omnipresent theme of Ötztal waters is clearly presented - ranging from glaciers and Alpine lakes to mountain brooks and moorlands.

Besides bilingual (de/en) information panels, the content was made accessible through sensory impressions, e.g. listening station, touch screens, VR glasses, hologram and digital wall relief. Exhibits in the form of true-to-original wood carvings should inspire visitors to explore and feel the special features within the valley together with certified nature guides.

The nature park building also houses a shop selling regional products, a library and the nature park administration.

The Nature Park House is fully dedicated to the unique animal, plant and mountain world of Ötztal Valley. Countless knowledge stations for all senses present the unique Alpine fauna and flora which partly can only be found in Ötztal.

If you pay a visit to the Nature Park House, you will find natural materials to touch, lots of wood carvings and modern technologies such as touchscreens, virtual reality glasses, holograms and truly breathtaking wall reliefs.


The Nature Park House in Längenfeld is the "center" of another six info points:

  • Info point Ambach
  • Info point Niederthai
  • Info point Gries
  • Info point Sölden
  • Info point Vent
  • Info point Hohe Mut


In addition to the permanent exhibition, there are also mobile temporary exhibitions, workshops, seminars and lectures in German.

The Ötztal Nature Park extends from the bottom of the valley up to Alpine and high Alpine areas formed by glaciers. Covering 510 km², it is the second largest nature park in Tirol and comprises extensive glacier areas, deep stone pine forests and unique Alpine lake areas. The Nature Park House in Längenfeld stands for an information hub and competence center for Ötztal's nature.

Overview of the Längenfeld Nature Park House Highlights:

  • Multimedia exhibition
  • Digital relief
  • Interactive elements
  • VR glasses with 360-degree view
  • Listening station & fragrance station
  • Hologram
  • Wooden exhibits
  • Children's quiz
  • Shop
  • Seminar room
  • Temporary exhibition area
  • Ötztal Nature Park library (bibliography download)
  • Nature Park afternoon - every Wednesday