Längenfeld/Gries 1.179/1.569 m

Thu, 21.01.2021

Morning Afternoon
-2°C 7°C
0%Precipitation risk 20%Precipitation risk

Foehn storm – barrier effects of cloudy conditions at the main Alpine divide

Längenfeld/Gries 1.179/1.569 m

Fri, 22.01.2021

Morning Afternoon
1°C 8°C
30%Precipitation risk 10%Precipitation risk

It will remain foehny Barely precipitation

Längenfeld/Gries 1.179/1.569 m

Sat, 23.01.2021

Morning Afternoon
-1°C 2°C
40%Precipitation risk 20%Precipitation risk

Foehny – changeable Despite colder

Längenfeld/Gries 1.179/1.569 m

Sun, 24.01.2021

Morning Afternoon
-4°C 0°C
50%Precipitation risk 20%Precipitation risk

Foehny – changeable Not absolutely steady

Längenfeld/Gries 1.179/1.569 m

Mon, 25.01.2021

Morning Afternoon
-8°C -1°C
50%Precipitation risk 50%Precipitation risk

Significantly colder Occasional snow showers

4 days trend

On Thursday, we will get into a southwesterly current reviving stormily at the north side of the Alps. Foehn wind will determine the weather, especially in the high mountains. It will remain very sunny at the north side of the Alps, while the main Alpine divide will be affected by barrier effects of minor clouds at first. At the same time, the temperatures will begin to slightly decrease again. Despite the passage of a weak cold front on Friday, we will remain in a slightly foehny southwesterly current, which is why the front will only slightly affect the weather. At the weekend, our area will be partly affected by a southwesterly current, partly by a northwesterly wind. These conditions will remain mostly unchanged at the beginning of next week. Therefore, a varying weather cycle is expected at the weekend and beyond it. The temperatures will further decrease, and occasional snow showers will interfere with the weather.

Day Outlook

Significantly colder Occasional snow showers


  Morning Afternoon
Mountain Summit3.000 m -18°C -19°C
Mountain2.000 m -11°C -11°C
Valley1.180 m -8°C -1°C


Morning: Brisk

Afternoon: Brisk

Hours of Sun

max. 2 Hours

Precipitation risk

Morning: 50%

Afternoon: 50%

Zero Degree Limit

500 m

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