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Strelesperre Rock Path at Fischbach Brook

Elated Moments at the giant White Water Swirls

First the mountain brook shows its most gentle side. Bubbling waters meandering through the larch forest, until Fischbach brook reaches the huge detention basin and the up to six meter thick dam wall with all its elemental power. Tree trunks, scree and boulders dashing against the pyramid-shaped wall – a brilliant invention dating back to 1928!

Murmuring and rushing sounds are omnipresent in this water swirl area!

It’s hard to leave this enchanting platform towering high above the dancing waves. Step on the new wooden stairs and walk towards the next Place of Strength – the Suspension Bridge.

The serviced Brandalm and the small chapel, offering uninterrupted views, make a perfect rest stop before you cross the thrilling Suspension Bridge. From Burgstein, the sunny high altitude plateau, you walk down along the never-ending Iron Chain featuring the names of all regular guests who restore energy in Längenfeld habitually.

Starting point: Längenfeld center, Fischbach Bridge, follow “Strelesperre” signs
Walking time: round tour from/to starting point, 2 – 2.5 hours
Difficulty level: easy
Difference in altitude: 280 m
Strelesperre Rock Path Fischbach Brook
Strelesperre Rock Path Fischbach Brook