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Pop Concert on a Silent Spot

If you don‘t feel well then this is the right place, it provides a feeling of deep peace and quiet. A place that gives comfort to all those in need of encouragement. Just like the locals back in the 17th century who came here to mourn for the victims of the plague. It was a must to bury them on this shore of the river, therefore a small Trinity Chapel was erected in 1661 amid the forest at Kropfbühel area. Locals call the precious little building Bichl Church or Plague Chapel.

Closing your eyes you will feel the infinite strength coming from the red/white chapel. A place of silence where you refuel your energy.

The atmosphere inside the chapel seems to be light-hearted. A bright white barrel vault towers above the golden high altar with many figurines and the huge side altar in Rococo style. The audience fully indulges in this magic setting where also choir, baroque and pop music open-air concerts are held.

Starting point: Information Längenfeld
Walking time, both ways: approx. 45 minutes
Difficulty level: very easy
Difference in altitude: approx. 50 m
Plague Chapel Kraftquell Längenfeld
Plague Chapel Längenfeld Landscape Ötztal