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Lake Winkelbergsee

Picture-book idyll in the fairytale forest

It happened some 10,000 years ago. Still today hikers can marvel at the vast rockslide area in the surroundings of Köfels. 11 information panels along the 5.7 km Winkelberg Geology Trail tell you more about this stony history.

The giant basin of Längenfeld was formed by huge amounts of water, rubble and ice. Its nearby rockslide forest is interspersed with enormous granite rocks and boulders. Can you feel the icy breath of air coming from deep inside the ravines and gorges?

Of course, there is also a witch cave.
Magic never ends in the Fairytale Forest. Soon you will reach jade-green Lake Winkelbergsee with the three little islands sparkling in the summer sun. A true natural gem, fed by crystal clear spring water. Slightly above little explorers find a small mountain brook and water play park with mill wheels. Nature itself is the most inspiring playground.

Starting point: car park next to the bridge over
Ötztaler Ache near Au – Winklen
Walking time, both ways: approx. 2.5 hours
Difficulty level: easy
Difference in altitude: approx. 150 m
Lake Winkelbergsee Kraftquell Längenfeld
Lake Winkelbergsee Längenfeld Kraftquell Landscape

The Riddle of the Köfels Rockslide

Erlebnisweg Winklen

The new interactive audio play adventure in Ötztal takes visitors on a geological search for traces.

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